About Sharins

The team behind Sharins consists of three girlfriends - Amalie, Rebecca and Sara. 

Sharins originally started as Amalie's hobby project during her maternity leave with her daughter Vera in the summer of 2019, where she started knitting and designing herself. When Sara and Rebecca were on maternity leave in 2020, they all talked about the desire for a flexible working life and about the possibility of making knitting a sustainable way of life. They quickly chose to join forces and began to develop further on Amalie's hobby project, which today has grown into a joint project.

The vision behind Sharins 

A common joy for knitting as well as a vision to create beautiful and sustainable knitting accessories was the starting point for our joint project. One of our core values is sustainability, and our wood products are made from surplus wood from larger wood productions or residual wood, e.g. old table tops. So it is wood that can not be used for anything else or is on its way to the landfill. Therefore, we can not plan what types of wood our products are made of - it depends on what our manufacturers can obtain from time to time. We think this is a (big) part of the charm, as each product is handmade and unique.

As far as possible, we also indicate on the individual product where the wood comes from, so that there is as much transparency as possible in our production chain. In addition, it is our goal that production should be as local as possible. All our products are made in Copenhagen by eood workers who make everything by hand. Our packaging is also minimal and we use recycled cardboard for wrapping. 


The team behind Sharins


Amalie is the creative brain behind Sharins. She designs, knits, turns wood and always has 1000 ideas. In addition, she works as a recruitment coordinator and is the mother of Vera and married to Simon. Amalie has a keen eye for trends, styling and design. From the winter of 2021-autumn 2022, she sails around a bunch of tropical islands on her parents' ship, where she hopes to have a lot of time to develop new designs and knit knit knit. Catch Amalie at Amalie@Sharins.dk



Is the most experienced knitter in the company. She is also the one who is clearly best at solving crossword puzzles and baking sourdough rye bread. She is the mother of Hannah and married to Benjamin. Rebecca knows her way around most things - and also of Sharin's accounts, which she is in charge of while taking care of Hannah at home. From the summer of 2021 and well into the new year, Rebecca and her family travel to Switzerland, where Benjamin will be posted with his work. Rebecca dreams of knitting on sunny mountain peaks during their stay! You can write to Rebecca at Rebecca@Sharins.dk



Sara is fairly new to knitting - but she can crochet most things! She is the mother of My and is in love with Kaare. Sara is in charge of the webshop, storage and packing of orders. She juggles this at the same time as she takes care of My at home. Sara has no plans to travel abroad just yet, but is already looking forward to getting her friends and business partners back home. And then she will try to persuade Kaare to also go on adventures… You can get in touch with Sara at Sara@Sharins.dk